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About  Charmaine R. Taylor

Low cost, low tech & almost Free building...

There are so many cheap, practically FREE,  and salvage-based  methods to build anything from a garden gate to a two story home.  The newest is Papercrete, made with newspaper and your junk mail, plus cement and sandy dirt.   The oldest  method is shaping clay to build entire walls and multistory  buildings.  Plus stone, straw bales, wood/logs , rammed earth,  and pressed earthen blocks for adobe walls are used all over the world to this day.

I offer CD Guides and booklets on these many DIY methods

 Here I am in 2006 mixing up a batch of Paracrete, similar to papercrete but highly fire resistant. 

This garden bench is made from a variety of papercrete test mixes.

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Writer,  Bookstore Owner & Mad Scientist

At six years old I asked my parent for a REAL tool box for Christmas, and got a tiny saw, screwdriver,  wrench, and hammer.  Thrilling!  But I wanted a wood toolbox like my dad's too. 

I built my kid sister 'dolls' with wood scrap left over from dad's workshop. Their limbs moved like a flat puppet,  they had crayoned faces on square heads... she dressed them in real  doll's clothing.  I was so proud.

A love for Mud begins...

I recall playing with metal tin can lids as 'plates', preferring them over  my fancy  toy dishes... because I hated cleaning up the mud  off  the pretty dishes after 'cooking' dirt.  I could just throw the  lids away. [An early sign I wasn't going to enjoy housekeeping.]    I solar 'baked' gingerbread men of dirt and water, shaped onto the hot cement sidewalk at home, with rocks for raisin buttons.  

My early books and  fairy stories came from  British books with fine tissue paper over the color plates.  The drawings were of  thatched cottages, with earthen walls, and  little homes handmade with curvy wood, and tiny windows.  This was so appealing  a memory that when I went to England as an adult I totally fell in love  all over  again with 'cob' cottages and organic building.

In 1997 I escaped the corporate world for good, and started my own small publishing business.

The rest came  naturally, from writing a small booklet about alternative, low cost  building in 1998, to writing and producing 13 Information Guides, booklets and CDs, plus selling more than 400  different books and DVDs  worldwide at dirtcheapbuilder.

Now, on a small scale with I offer only my written publications, unique booklets from others, and the DIY USDA booklets from the 1920s through 1960s on home and farm building .