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 All About Lime: A Basic Information Guide for Natural Charmaine R. Taylor     
Many questions are answered in this booklet on lime and gypsum.

Explained are the differences between Type S and N, when to use each, how to make a natural cement, dry up mud on the work site, and stabilize soil for earthen bricks (for Cinva Ram block presses and others). Lime is an amazing, very versatile building material which can be used on the ground, foundation, walls; for plasters, mortars, cements, garden and land tilth, and in the waste/septic systems.

Chapters on plaster and mortar give recipes and current recommendations on application and use. An interview with professional straw bale plasterers is included.

A complete history details how lime was used for building, and how it can be used again for an earth friendly alternative to Portland cement. Lists lime resources, bibliography. Illustrated, photographs, Technical articles on lime usage, 52 pages, booklet.

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SEE THE LIME & CLAY RESOURCE GUIDE has thousands of pages of interesting and hard to find information on using lime and clay for building, plasters, mortars, gardening, and more.

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