alternative & natural building methods 

Green and 
Natural Building,
Adobe.  CEB-Cinva Ram Block Press,
Cob, Light straw, Lime plasters, Log, Papercrete, Pole, rammed earth,
Rub-R-Slate,  Rocket Stoves, Straw, Wood Chip Clay 
and more....... 
ONLINE or as Resource CD GUIDES!


A complete set of plans, 12 pages of 8"x11" size design details is offered, plus a page showing all parts  I use software  to host the plans online. You  are sent an email invitation to join Dropbox, add their software to your computer to get the plans. Dropbox is secure, it allows you to view and download the plans to your desktop immediately.

You also get an invitation to the ADOBE & CINVA RAM CD GUIDE ONLINE too. The CD folder of information  comes with the purchase price. I use for this folder  also.

I cannot ship the plans  by US Mail to every country, so using the online download saves high  delivery  costs, and ensures you get the plans quickly.

The Cinva Plans are single user copyright, they may not be duplicated or sold for commercial use.

Online Cinva Ram Plan Download $40.
NEXT: You will get an email invitation from DROPBOX.COM within 24 hours.
 NOT instantly. will guide you to add software to your computer so you can get the Cinva Plans from a secure online  folder.  You also get an email invitat6ion to the ADOBE & CINVA CD FOLDER has thousands of pages of information on building and using a ram press, and making adobe blocks. PLUS it has information on all earth/dirt building methods, using plasters, cement, and more. ( if purchased separately it costs $10. but is part of the Plans package)
Visit the  website to see a manual Cinva block press built from these plans.  There is excellent information for you to read at this site.