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COTTAGE BUILDING in Cob, Pise',Chalk & Clay 

A Renaissance

 by Clough Williams-Ellis    e-booklet edition download $6.

The author started out in 1914 to find a way to build his home, he was eager and full of energy to work hard and learn as much as he could. Of course he was disuaded by architects and others of his day who looked down upon his adventure.  Similar to many 'natural builders' of today who seek to get out from under a  crushing mortgage and a lifetime of indebtedness to the bank  Clough researched the many local methods.  Then  the Great War struck (WW1), and changed his plans. Soon he and his wife were running a hospital and needed buildings on site to house the men and materials he was responsible for, so he turned to Pise de terre ( rammed earth). In a straightforward and charming manner  he presents here  unique  information about the earthen, cob  and pise methods now popular again with 'green' builders.  The basics of using clay and lime and simple tools to build walls is well explained.  And the building construction problems of an average man 100 years ago are easily understood today.

Black and white photos and illustrations, floor plans and tools needed, with index, and appendix in 176 pages, in a PDF format. 3.7 MB size

EXCERPT  by Clough:   
"It is the object of the present book to attack part of the problem of how to build without bricks... and equally important, as far as possible without the vast cost of transporting the heavy material of the house from one quarter of England to another. That is my apology for introducing to the public a work dealing with what I can hear old-fashioned master-builders describing as the "bastard'  forms of construction."
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  I  Introduction

 G  General Survey

1.    1 Cob

2.    2 Pise

3.    3 Chalk

4.    4 Unburned Clay and Earth   Bricks

       5 Appendix

I      6 Index