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JJUST ADDED: SCISSOR BLADE MIXER- construction & assembly plans by Mike McCain.
Many people build a TOW mixer which works great and is simple,  but  also Mike McCain, inventor of "fibercrete' aka papercrete designed a simple, powerful mixer using simple angle iron, and powered in a drum by an external motor.  Order these images and assembly directions via ONLINE download, or  email attachment.

ALL ABOUT PAPERCRETE :  A CD Guide or Online access

Papercrete is an amazing, simple material gaining acceptance  over the last decade by alternative builders, and even code officials across the US.   It's almost free to build with (you buy Portland cement by the bag), there are MANY versions, and some do not include the cement, creating a "paper adobe" safe to handle with bare hands.

This material  is easy to sculpt with, make blocks, use as a mortar, a plaster for walls, as floors, as wall insulation, as roofing insulation,  for arches, privacy walls, garden walls,  patio floors, used for animal shelters, for dog houses, and childrens' playhouses too.

Start with a small sculpting project , or insulate your pet's outdoor shelter, maybe insulated the garage walls.

Papercrete can be stunning or a horrible all depends on the detail and attention you pay. When used as insulation no one will see it. As adobe blocks they can look like stacked stone, or  if crooked and ill-placed,   a plaster  coat can make the wall as smooth as you want.  Your creativity is unlimited.

Mike McCain uses an old van powered and attached to the mixing tank to chop and mix papercrete.


 Complete information including, news reports, articles, reports by others experimenting with versions of papercrete, art and sculpture images, photos of homes, walls, sheds,  furniture, compost beds, and other building projects using some form of papercrete.

 This CD is a "waterfall" of information to kick start your ideas, and answer questions, avoid mistakes of others, plus  mixer ideas .

Photos: Inventor Mike McCain adding cement to a metal stock tank mixer- and tamping canvas filled sacks to make bricks.


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These large standing panels were cast on the ground of papercrete, with high cement content, then tipped up into place. The  panels look like ancient stone  blocks, and are in the gardens of an inn in Bodega Bay CA.

Paper adobe- Papercrete -Fibercrete Recipe


* 12 parts chopped/shredded paper (or aged sawdust or newspaper cellulose insulation, rice husks) 

* 4-6 parts soft clay and

*  2-3 parts lime putty. (Type S or N soaked overnight in clean water) Use coffee can/bucket for volume


Fiber/paper can be pre-wetted, MIX all in a pail with paint stem /paddle blade mixer attached to hand drill. Mix for several minutes To use: wear gloves and plaster onto walls,

shape into bricks/pottery, etc. Water will evaporate, shrinkage of 10-30% can occur

For STABILIZED mix add Cement 5-20% or 5-40% Asphalt Emulsion (AE) to mix. When

dry it will not degrade in water easily.

SEE Rub-R-Slate lessons & Nuway Building Book  

I have used this mix as a base plaster on my studio walls, as a cast block, and for sculpting.

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