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PARACRETE- EPS-Cement Building CD GUIDE   $15.00Sent by US MAIL  

by S. Tapasananda

     Create roof panels, floors and tilt up walls of Paracrete, a strong fire resistant, highly insulated material, low cost to build from waste styrofoam scrap (beads and dust which can be obtained free).
      This is not ferrocement- nometal is used in the formula, however wire mesh, metal beams and other wire is used for forming panels.
Introduction from Tapas: It is very sad to see homes burning every dry summer, and this prompts me to publish a method for building which is extremely fire resistant for residential structures.

     The essential ingredient in this structure is Paracrete which is a name I have given to a composite of Portland cement, waste polystyrene dust, polypropylene fiber, expanded perlite and various optional admixtures such as high range water reducers and polymers.
     The formulas and recipes are given in the booklet pdf. with photos of each process, and a "how to" create walls and panels with this mixture.
     Paracrete can be poured into removable molds, more easily than Papercrete, for slabs or panels or permanently poured into permanent frames made of off the shelf galvanized steel studs.
     I have built two small buildings of Paracrete. I live in one of them and use the other as a guest cottage. My cottage is built entirely of Paracrete except for headers, windows and doors. The walls are double membrane units made by pouring Paracrete into rectangular frames of 1.75" steel studs. The ceiling and roof deck is made of two inch thick by 24" x 6' Paracrete panels poured into removable forms, and reinforced with heavy polypropylene mesh on both top and bottom surfaces [a  two way slab ] .
     The floor is a five inch thick Paracrete slab reinforced with polypropylene carpet backing [known in the carpet trade as "action back"]
     One cottage floor is slab on grade and the other is poured over 'action back' mesh stretched tightly over a treated 4x6 frame.   Both floor systems have skid-sled endings so that the cottages can be pulled around with a tractor or four wheel drive truck.

     --from the Opening chapter of the Paracrete Building Guide PDF. on CD.

     This method uses  waste materials, salvaged materials and low cost components. Beside walls, roofs and floors made of Paracrete..many other useful items can be constructed. Lightweight outdoor furniture, a firepit to contain campfires, retaining walls, garden floors, walk ways, step stones and many other items where lighter weight is needed. Paracrete can be applied over existing surfaces, and have tiles, slate or other objects embedded for decorative use.
     There are pricey commercial products sold which are premixed and contain similar components, but Tapas'  method shows how to create your own at very low cost. Even large garden art, birdbaths, pond shapes, water features, faux rocks and stones, or sculptures can be created by using wire and poly mesh for the framework.

CD contains the complete "how to" booklet by Tapas  in PDF.
Hundreds of files, resources, web links, URLS on Cement, Papercrete, Concrete and construction use. 
-Foamlite cement, and Pumice building reports included.  -Extensive cement and concrete, ferrocement files are on the CD
All images of his building method are contained in a separate folder for viewing in large size.

PLUS the $33.00 "Appropriate Building Materials" book, 230+ pages, is now added, FREE, to this CD, as a PDF file.  Appropriate Building Materials is the grand-daddy of information on building techniques and materials. The print version imported from the UK covers EVERYTHING about natural building, with photos, hundreds of sketches, uses in practice, unusual treatments, very low cost methods used in countries with few resources and much more useful information. Great to keep as a basic reference and idea book.

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The photos above show the inventor  
TOP: pouring a wet mix into an aluminum frame form to make a cast panel. 
Middle: The inventor holds a  large cast block to show the ultra-light weight of cured Paracrete. 
  Bottom: a pail of the fine EPS ( waste, ground up styrofoam) dust or beads used in making Paracrete.  This method does not use paper, as in papercrete, but does include cement, EPS, latex paint, fibers, emulsifiers and a few more ingredients to make a solid, highly insulating and burn resistant building material.