alternative & natural building methods 

Green and 
Natural Building,
Adobe.  CEB-Cinva Ram Block Press,
Cob, Light straw, Lime plasters, Log, Papercrete, Pole, rammed earth,
Rub-R-Slate,  Rocket Stoves, Straw, Wood Chip Clay 
and more....... 
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Building a Tin Can Cook Stove

Note from Charmaine: 
Shown below is a simple version of a rocket stove as created by Dr. Winiarski, at Aprovecho in Oregon, using a 5 gallon olive oil can.  Since these cans are very hard to find I ended up using a coffee can, and adapting my design to that.

Barbara Kerr who created the cardboard Solar Box Cooker, also uses these rectangular cans.    >>  View into  Barbara Kerr's wooden solar box cooker, mounted into her kitchen wall. She can easily bake cookies, dinner, or heat water in it.

Barbara Kerr didn't begin solar cooking until she was 50, and now at 80+ is an expert and inventor for solar methods. She patented her unique solar wall oven design, and continues to teach solar and low-fuel methods (Rocket stove cooking ala' Dr. Larry Winiarski's design) to this day in Snowflake AZ.