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Adobe.  CEB-Cinva Ram Block Press,
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About Building A Solar Box Oven

Barbara Kerr who created the cardboard Solar Box Cooker, also uses rectangular olive oil cans. Learn more by clicking on the Rocket Stoves page.

View into  Barbara Kerr's wooden solar box cooker, mounted into her kitchen wall. She can easily bake cookies, dinner, or heat water in it. The photo shows an insulated door. This oven can be built into any wall, such as a bathroom for heating water, or to solar sterilize clothing before washing.  In off grid homesteads a solar box oven  built into a shed or barn wall can provide hot water on site,  and for many other uses.

Barbara Kerr didn't begin solar cooking until she was 50, and now in her late 80s is an expert and inventor for solar methods. She patented her unique solar wall oven design, and continues to teach solar and low-fuel methods (Rocket stove cooking ala' Dr. Larry Winiarski's design) to this day in Snowflake AZ. 

Prepare everything from cassaroles, desserts, meat, fish, and fowl, to sanitizing water for safe drinking (and heating it for coffee and tea). Barbara built her solar oven through her kitchen wall which allows effortless solar cooking, no burning, and no fuel needed. These solar box ovens can be pre made and used on site while building a house at a remote location, and used to cook meals, warm foods, and heat water for washing up for workers,, and later installed into the kitchen.

Any south facing wall- for the northern hemisphere can be utilized- even in travel trailers and mobile homes. Or cook ovens can be left outside mounted on a rotating disk or table to track the sun for optimum efficiency. 

The 4"x6" booklet teaches how to make and use several types of cookers, including an all earthen version.

Published 1999.